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Boiler Systems

Different Systems Require Different Treatment Programs

Each boiler system is unique. It has water, equipment, operators and operating characteristics that differentiate it from any other system. FTS offers many different treatment programs to suit the individuality of each customer's application.

STOP Scale and Deposits

FTS also incorporates its special STOP inhibitors in conjunction with more conventional Phosphate and Chelant programs should your system require one of these approaches. The Special Total Organic Program (STOP) features a specially formulated blend of polymeric dispersing agents, specific scale and iron sequestrants and high performance copolymers. The STOP approach is designed for those accounts which demand outstanding results or desire to clean-up calcium, phosphate and iron deposition left over from more traditional treament programs. Time tested and proven in hundreds of accounts, it may be just the approach you need to STOP boiler deposits from robbing you of maximum efficiency. The STOP approach is only one option that FTS offers. FTS also incorporates its special STOP inhibitors in conjunction with more conventional Phosphate and Chelant programs should your system require one of these approaches. FTS also offers a wide variety of oxygen scavenger technology, a broad range of condensate amines and a complete line of fuel treatment programs. FTS utilizes a Systems Approach to provide a complete, integrated water management program to protect your equipment from corrosion, deposition, fouling, and upsets.

System Protection is a Partnership - FTS and You

Superior performance cannot be achieved without the complete cooperation of plant personnel and management combined with FTS service and treatment. FTS trains your personnel in safe and efficient handling of all products. FTS also involves management in the decision making process. In this way, we form a 3-way partnership to protect your system while providing responsible care for the environment.


FTS has special programs designed to provide each customer - small and large, with comprehensive services, quality products and outstanding results at affordable prices. We feel you should not have to pay twice as much to get both. Ask about out varied Contract Service Programs. We will work with you to quickly solve you problems and correct them if they occur. We want you to join our many satisfied, long-term customers and be our partner in giving your facility outstanding results.

FTS Products and Services for Boiler Water Treatment

			FTS Special Total Organic Program		Boil-Out Products
			Phosphate and Chelant Programs			Antifoams
			Polymeric Sludge Conditioners			Solid Fuel Additives
			Synthetic Sequestrants				Tank and Fireside Treatment
			Neutralizing Amines				Boiler Equipment
			Filming Amines					Softeners
			Combination Amines				Dealkalizers and Demineralizers
			Traditional Oxygen Scavengers			Blowdown Controllers
			Volatile Oxygen Scavengers			Pumps, Tanks and Meters
			FDA-USDA Products				Computer Programs
			Multi-Drum Formulations				Variety of Delivery Programs
			One-Drum Formulations

Energy Efficiency - the greatest controllable cost in any cooling program. Realize a Return On your Investment (ROI) by preventing or reducing fouling in your equipment.

Cost of Boiler Waterside Scale

  					Deposit (inches)	Increase In Energy

						1/32"			7%
						1/20"			11%
						1/16"			13%
						1/9"			16%

FTS Wastewater Treatment Programs


A comprehensive approach to solving wastewater treatment problems

If your specific application involves water, then FTS can probably help you. Whether it is Clarification (influent or effluent), removing suspended solids from process water, metals precipitation or removal, sludge thickening or dewatering, or passing toxicity testing, FTS has a program for you. FTS application technology and experience yield superior results by monitoring the many variations in waterwater:

FTS Provides Wastewater Products and Services for:

Partners to a clear effluent: FTS & You

The goal of every FTS Wastewater Treatment Program is to control customer costs through both chemical and mechanical means. FTS has a full line of coagulants, flocculants, and precipitants to accomplish the goal chemically. These products include organic and inorganic products including a complete line of the latest technology polymers. These polymers include Cationic, Anionic, and Non Ionic products in a dry, emulsion and liquid form.
Your FTS representative will also investigate and determine the optimum points for chemical injection, proper feed systems and alternative treatments to give you the best results in a cost effective manner.

Clear Effluent = The FTS 5 Step Approach:

The FTS service organization is experienced and extremely capable in the wastewater treatment area. FTS representatives are also very knowledgeable in the boiler, cooling and fuel treatment areas. Their comprehension of these systems, equipment and application technology is second to none. All it takes is a simple survey of your equipment, water, and process. Your FTS Representative will tell you if you will realize savings and operational improvement.

*To see what FTS can offer for your company's boiler system, Contact FTS*


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