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What is "STOP", and how can it help my company?

~"STOP" is the name of the FTS Special Total Organic Program for Boiler Systems. STOP is especially designed for those companies who wish to clean out some of the iron, calcium, and phosphate deposits which may remain in your system after more traditional boiler system treatments have been used.

What types of biocides do you offer for cooling towers?

~FTS has a wide variety of cooling tower biocides. FTS has both non-oxidizing and oxidizing biocides. Our oxidizing biocides include, but are not limited to, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, bromine and brominated hydantoins. To see which biocides would best suit you, Contact FTS.

What piece(s) of cooling tower equipment would be the best suited for my needs?

~There are many considerations to take into account when making this decision, such as the ease of use, the accessability to the equipment, as well as the adjustability and reliability of the equipment. Reading the section, What Piece of Equipment is Best For Me? will certainly help the decision-making process.

What differences are there in boiler feed and blowdown control equipment vs. the information on cooling tower equipment?

~many of the same criteria are applicable in selecting boiler feed and blowdown equipment. For boiler product feed, you must determine if you want to feed the product out of a pump/tank unit with a mixer or individually, directly from the drums. Boiler blowdown uses either a timed sample or a continuous sample mode. Control of blowdown can be through orifice plates or some type of motorized unit - a solenoid or motorized valve. Remember, these valves must be rated to withstand the pressure/temperature of the system. If you have any questions, Contact FTS.

Are there certain credentials I need to have in order to be a FTS Representative?

~For questions regarding Employment Opportunities with FTS, please call John Herlihy at (716) 627-2398, or email him at: jakefts@ftswater.com.

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